When A Basket is More than a Basket - Baby Gifts with a personal touch

When A Basket is More than a Basket - Baby Gifts with a personal touch

Beci Ruzek on Jan 28th 2021

All signs are pointing toward a baby boom in early 2021. I guess all that time we spent quarantining in

2020 had its perks. Whether you are buying a gift for a loved one, co-worker, business acquaintance or

employee, you want the gift to be special and something the mom or dad to be will use. We’d love to


Southern Gifting Company specializes in personalized gifts, and baby gifts are no exception! Below

are just a few gift ideas we have for the new babies in your life:

 Personalize it – Moms & dads love seeing the name of their bundle of joy in print almost as

much as we love engraving them! One of our favorites is a picture frame that includes all the

baby’s stats such as the date of birth, time and weight.

 When a basket is more than a basket – Gift baskets are kind of our thing. We love all the more

when the basket is more than a basket! Are you wondering what we mean? We love when our

baskets (the one that holds the gifts) can be used just as much or more than all the wonderful

things inside! Some of our baby gift baskets double as a diaper holder for the nursery and when

the baby’s name is on it, it’s even more special!

 Who doesn’t love a monogram? – Mommies and daddies love to dress up their babies in

onesies or wrap them up in blankets that include baby’s name so we LOVE including

monogrammed items in our gift baskets!

 Hand selected items that create a gift to remember – One of our favorite things to do is get on

the phone with clients to learn more about who the gift is for. Together, we can come up with a

custom made gift basket that is filled with items that are sure to please the new mom and dad!

Who do you know that is expecting a bundle of joy? Give us a call at 615-423-6181 so we can start

to create a special gift that will be cherished for years to come!