Finding the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift

Beci Ruzek on Dec 2nd 2021

Yes, it is official.

We are in the midst of the gift-giving season! We all want to show our appreciation to the ones we love, neighbors, friends, and even clients and referral partners… the list goes on!

But how do we do it all? The answer is simple. In most cases, we can’t. However, we can show them we are thinking about them.

In our last issue, we talked about creating a list and breaking that list into different categories and establishing a budget for each. If you did this, you may have had a place in each category for all the people on the list but if you didn’t, that’s ok too.

For the people that didn’t fit into a category, you could send a card, send a message through social media, or just pick up the phone to call them and let them know you’re thinking about them. In the world we live in, we forget that just a simple message or phone call… yes, I said “phone call”, is more meaningful than we realize!

Now, for the people on your gift list, what do you do for them?

This can be the hardest, most overthought task in holiday gift-giving! Just remember, DO NOT OVERTHINK this.

While you want to give something great, the gesture is what touches the people we reach out to during this season.

I have put together some tips for you to create the perfect gift for each category and person on your list.

Use quality products. It is better in my opinion to do a smaller gift with better quality items than to just pick up a gift basket from a big box store. Most of the time those items have been sitting on shelves for months, sometimes even for years. Contact a local gift store that can create something special and fresh just for you.

Buy local. We all like to support the businesses in our communities and what better time to do that than during the holidays? Most small boutique stores carry quality products that are made locally and are original. Many local boutiques also have websites you can buy from so you can still do your shopping online on your couch if you prefer. Also, remember when you buy from a local store, they most likely carry items from other smaller local vendors, so you are helping more people in your community. It could be a handmade scarf or blanket or even a delicious treat.

Personalize it. When you give a gift that is personalized it brings out a new appreciation. It really shows that the gift is just for them, and you put a lot of thought into it. It can be a simple personalized ornament and engraved cutting board or even their favorite candy or beverage that you know they love.

One of my favorite gifts is to have a handwritten family recipe engraved on a cutting board or print-ed on a hand towel.

Make it look good.
No matter what the gift is, it always leaves an impression when it is in a pretty package.

Gift wrapping can even show personalization. You can wrap a gift with a more delicate wrap and a bow or make it more masculine depending on the recipient.

Write a handwritten note with the gift you give and tell them why you picked that specific gift for them. It is an added touch that can mean the world to someone. There are some companies that will do this for you when you order gifts through them. It saves you time and you can type out what you want on the card and have them write it for you.

Enjoy your gift-giving time, it is meant to be fun and show love to those around us. Don’t forget to enjoy the season for yourself and your family.

Time spent together is sometimes the best gift of all! Happy Holidays!